Gable – Field Day

Gable Style – $4004 out the door

The Field Day model offers the best of both worlds both with the storage capacity and the price to size ration. With heavy duty construction, large 30″ doors and a 24″ window the Field Day fills all the Boxes for a Perfect shed

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Doug fir Lumber

At RtS-Design we use the best possible materials for the sheds we sell, that being  said Doug fir is considered to be the most resilient softwoods in use, with state of the art materials , professional installation , leads to Great products being built in your back yard.

Wooden sheds are not only more sturdy  then plastic shed they are also sustainable. we build most of our sheds with 2×4 lumber from the local Lumber yard, to both promote local business and and offer Top quality storage.



RTS-Design Uses raw material meaning that customization can be made upon request.

Our walls have studs every 24″ and out flooring system runs studs every 16″ to ensure top performance, sturdiness, strength and stability.

Rafters run every 24″ which offer plenty of support to hang things off of the ceiling.

What do I Get?

In the base model you get a 10×12 shed with double doors 30″ wide each , T1-11 siding or smart siding, 24″x29x’ window, 2 16″x8″ vents, Drip edge around the perimeter of the roof, synthetic roofing felt paper, shingle roofing. all of that sitting on a Pressure treated 4×4 runners. all of this amounts to an amazing shed that has 8ft walls (94.5″) and 10ft to the peak (114.5″) . this is the most popular model with the best price to sq-ft ratio.

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