Endless possibilities For customization

Real time solutions

RTS-Design is happy to bring real time solutions to your everyday storage needs, be it a shed,studio, ect…. RTS-Design will be happy to assist you on this journey.

Top professinals

With 20 years of Experience, RTS-Design is dedicated to hiring only the best in the industry. With pinpoint precision There is no project that we could not handle. we use top Quality materials paired with the best tools to produce quality work.

Well priced

We at RTS-Design would love to save you some money.  Storage units cost between $100-$300 Dollars a month, A typical shed should pay for itself within 3 years. That’s Awesome

Lets Dream Together


The best place is start is with an Idea.


Find The Right size that will fit your needs.


Pick a Design you would like and if you want your own touch let us know.


Plan for installation date, For ideal Smoothness.


Make sure Project location is > 10 inches of leveling and 3 feet from any structures.


On the Date of installation enjoy the project coming together.

Most Popular Styles

Here are the most popular styles that we offer, don’t see what you like? Design one with us!

Barn - Everstrong Barn Model


  • 8 Foot walls
  • Includes 1 window and Vent
  • 1
  • 10 X 12 Size 120sqft
  • Classic barn look

Lean To - Ocean View model


  • The Ocean view come with 8 windows
  • Beautiful French door
  • 16 X 8 Size
  • 12 inch overhand in front
  • Designer Studio 
  • 12inch Overhang

Gable - Field Day Model


  • Steal Deal
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100% Customization

Our Trusted Brands

All of the products that Rts-Design use are from the brands that you know and Trust.

Prep & maintenance

For Seamless installation and longevity of your shed, office, or studio please do the  .

  •  3ft of space from the the fence .
  • 5ft from any structure.
  • Try to get area leveled within 6 inches, if higher will need leveling blocks.
  • Have an electrical outlet 100ft away.
  • Preferable to know what access there is to the project.
  • Paint Building withing 45 days of project completion.


“Under construction”

“Under construction”

“Under construction”

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